Jump to a specific committee The CAPM&R currently has five committees which report to the Executive Committee. The CAPM&R also has representation on the Royal College Specialty Committee in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (RC Specialty Committee). There are also two CAPM&R representatives on the Canadian Physiatrists Research and Development Foundation (CPRDF). To contact the CAPM&R […]

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    The CAPM&R currently has five committees which report to the Executive Committee. The CAPM&R also has representation on the Royal College Specialty Committee in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (RC Specialty Committee). There are also two CAPM&R representatives on the Canadian Physiatrists Research and Development Foundation (CPRDF).

    To contact the CAPM&R Executive or other committees, please write to

    About the Committees

    Committee Chair Description
    Executive Committee Meet our Board
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Dr. Ricardo Viana Terms of Reference & CME/CPD Mission Statement
    Education Ricardo Viana

    Members at Large:

    • Jennifer Yao, Vancouver, BC
    • Lalith Satkunam, Edmonton, AB
    • Jacqueline Kraushaar, Regina, SK
    • David Berbrayer, Toronto, ON
    • Denyse Richardson, Toronto, ON
    • Audrey Yap, Toronto, ON
    • Sue Dojeji, Ottawa, ON
    • Nancy Dudek, Ottawa, ON
    • Paul Woolfrey, Corner Brook, NL

    Rationales for Physiatric Principles in Medical School

    Terms of Reference

    Research Chantel Debert Past Chair: Eldon Lo

    Members at Large:

    • Elizabeth Condliffe
    • Shannon MacDonald
    • Ammar Al Khudairy
    • Andréane Richard-Denis

    Terms of Reference

    Scientific Program Paul Winston, Jaime Yu Terms of Reference
    Royal College Specialty Dr. Jennifer Yao The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada establishes a Specialty Committee for each discipline it recognizes as a specialty or subspecialty by examination or accreditation. The Specialty Committee in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation advises the Royal College in matters related to the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
    Medical Students Anthony Pokhoy Past Chair: Nathan Agon-Chen

    The Medical Students Committee (MSC) is a national committee of medical students that serves as the voice of the CAPM&R's student members; connecting CAPM&R with medical students across Canada. The committee will aim to foster a community for all students interested in pursuing physiatry to learn and grow together.


    Any medical student in MS1-MS4 in Canada is eligible to apply by submitting a statement of interest and their resume. A lottery will be conducted to select the incoming candidate for the Secretary and Representative positions. Selected candidates may swap positions amongst themselves if all parties are mutually agreeable. The deadline for the swapping period is one week following the release of the results of the lottery.


    Members are asked to participate for 1 term, from July 1 - June 31. Members can serve for up to 3 terms.

    Responsibilities and opportunities

    • Develop strategies to encourage and foster interaction among medical students interested in a career in physiatry.
    • Recommend or develop ideas, programs, and products to encourage medical students to explore physiatry.
    • Obtain and share feedback from medical students regarding physiatry education at the undergraduate level.
    • Advocate for medical students interested in physiatry.


    • 6 medical students across Canada in MS1-MS4
    • An active member of CAPM&R at time of application

    Accountability and reporting relationships

    The MSC communicates with the CAPM&R Board of Directors. An annual plan will be submitted by the second month of the new term. An annual report of activities will be submitted at the end of each term. All activities will be subject to the approval of the Executive team. All members are expected to:

    • Participate in at least 8 meetings per year of 1 hour each
    • Participate in projects between meetings, amounting to approximately 6 hours/month
    Membership roles:
    1. Chair (1), Vice Chair (1)
      • Two year commitment starting as Vice Chair and then serving as Chair
      • Organizes Medical Student Committee annual action plan and pursues set goals
      • Presides over all student council meetings
      • Serves as a liaison to the CAPM&R
    2. Secretary (1)
      • Assists Chair with organizing the annual action plan
      • Organizes Medical Student Council meetings and conference calls
      • Takes roll call and records meeting minutes
      • Education/Mentorship representative (1)
      • Works with the CAPM&R on faculty and resident mentorship programs for medical students
      • Collaborates with the Communications representative to develop a webpage with compiled resources
      • Organize quarterly virtual journal club sessions
    3. Education representative (1)
      • Provides information and support to current Student Interest Groups throughout the country
      • Assists CAPM&R staff with marketing and communications efforts focused on recruiting medical students to join the CAPM&R and attend the CAPM&R's Annual General Meeting
      • Compiles quarterly newsletter for student membership
    4. Mentorship representative (1)
      • Organizes CAPM&R mentorship program which enlists active PM&R staff and residents to be mentors for medical students
      • Recruits mentors and mentees across Canada
      • Outlines specific requirements for mentors/mentees, suggested talking points, etc.
    5. Communications representative (1)
      • Promotes online engagement focusing on medical student interests
      • Works with CAPM&R staff to update and maintain the CAPM&R Medical Student Council webpage
      • Manages the Medical Student Council Twitter account
    • Biweekly virtual meetings
    • Annual general meeting at the CAPM&R
    Activities 2023-2024:
      • Networking and Educational events at CAPM&R Annual General Meeting
        • Potential events include: Speed Mentorship, tips for PM&R electives, student scholars networking
      • Resource compilation
        • Webpage compiling resources for medical students interested in physiatry
      • Careers in Physiatry series
        • Available on Social Media Site

    Past Events:

    Anthony Pokhoy


    Anthony is a third-year medical student at McMaster University attending the Niagara Regional Campus. He has completed his Master's degree in Kinesiology studying rock climbing injuries at Western University. Anthony is passionate about helping patients navigate difficult circumstances, cultivating resilence, and optimizing their level of function. He joined the CAPM&R MSC to help build a community for the growing number of students interested in the specialty. In his free time, Anthony enjoys hiking, rock climbing, playing basketball, and spending time with friends and family.

    Rosalie Racine


    Rosalie is a third-year medical student at McGill University. Prior to medical school, she worked as a physiotherapist and has experience working in acute care with traumatic brain injury patients, as well as with McGill varsity athletes. Her professional experience and dedication to the field of rehabilitation has motivated her to share this passion with fellow medical students. She is committed to helping students discover the many benefits that the field of PM&R can offer -for both medical professionals and patients. Outside of medicine, Rosalie enjoys playing with her dog Mila, attending live music events and doing CrossFit.

    David Diao


    David is a third-year medical student at McMaster university. He completed his undergraduate degree at Western University with a specialization in physiology and pharmacology. David's interest in PM&R has been fuelled by the fascinating developments and innovations that are taking place in rehabilitation sciences. His goals are to make a difference for patients and empower them to maximize their daily functioning and athletic ability. He joined the CAPM&R MSC to help grant prospective medical students insight into PM&R as a specialty and career. David loves cooking, DIY projects, board games, and anything related to the outdoors!

    Jasmine Nanji

    Communications RepYear:4

    Jasmine is a 3rd year medical student at Queen's University. She completed her MSc in Global Health at McMaster University where she investigated the impact of the Social Determinants of Health on health management and resource allocation. Jasmine's background as an athlete first led her to the field of PM&R, where she grew passionate about optimizing functional ability and quality of life. She joined the CAPM&R MSC to help connect medical students across Canada to opportunities relating to the field. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, going to the gym and spending time with friends and family.

    Kylie Peake

    Membership RepYear:3

    Kylie is a second year medical student at the University of British Columbia in the Northern Medical Program. She received her BSc in Biology from the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus. Her interest in PM&R was sparked at a pretty young age watching her mom who is a Physiotherapist help patients regain functional mobility. She enjoys the collaborative nature of the specialty and is passionate about delivering care and post-injury management for patients in rural and remote locations. In her free time she enjoys running, playing basketball, golfing, cross-country skiing, and hanging with friends and family.

    Kailey Steinhausen

    Education RepYear:4

    Kailey is a third year medical student at McMaster University as part of the Niagara Regional Campus. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology & Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour at McMaster University before going on to pursue a a master's degree in Translational Research at the University of Toronto which explored ways to bring research from the hands of researchers to patients who need them. Her interest in Physiatry is fuelled by a passion to target functional capabilities for people with an aim to improve quality of life. She joined CAPM&R to help students understand the nature of Physiatry as a career and foster a community to ask questions and provide insights into the field. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her cats, hiking, going for picnics, and playing sports.