The Canadian Physiatrists Research and Development Foundation (CPRDF) was founded in 1991 by specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation and is a registered charitable organization in Canada.


The specific purpose of the Foundation is to promote research and development of the specialty by physicians in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The general purpose of the Foundation activities is intended to be beneficial to the needs of persons with disability in Canada. The Foundation is incorporated in Nova Scotia and is registered as a charitable organization with Revenue Canada in all provinces. The management of the activities of the Foundation is vested in a Board of Directors and its Executive Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary-Treasurer). The Board members and officers are elected from the membership of the CPRDF. Membership in CPRDF is open to all physiatrists in good standing with the Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Academic and private practice physiatrists are represented on the Board.


The Foundation’s goals are to:

  • Stimulate and provide support for both new and established researchers in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Generate, assimilate and disseminate information on research, education and development in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation by physiatrists
  • Provide support for educational workshops and programs aimed at developing interests and furthering knowledge in rehabilitation research by physiatrists
  • Provide physiatrists with educational opportunities by establishing lectureship, scholarships, bursaries and prizes including awards to physiatrists in training of approved training programs in Canada
  • Fund worthwhile and deserving research projects by physiatrists