Due to space and logistical constraints, registration for the anatomy lab, clinical skills, review exam, and OSCE is limited.

Clinical Skills and Anatomy Sessions are SOLD OUT on Saturday, February 29 & Sunday March 1.

Sessions from Sunday March 1 at 1530 to Saturday, March 7 have availability.

The 11th Canadian Comprehensive Review Course in PM&R will be held February 29 to March 7, 2020 at Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, Sinai Health System, 1 Bridgepoint Drive, Toronto, ON, M4M 2B5. Early registration will be on February 28.  Location TBD.

The Canadian Comprehensive Review Course (CCRC) is organized biennially for Canadian PM&R residents.

Download the CCRC informational Brochure (PDF)



Fri. Feb. 28

1600-1800 Early Registration TBD

Sat. Feb. 29

0700-0800 Registration - Medical Sciences Building; 1 King’s College Circle
0800-0815 Welcome & Introductions
0815-1000 Anatomy Prosections
Brachial Plexus Dr. Lalith Satkunam, Dr. Jaime Yu, Dr. Sivakumar Gulasingam
Cervical Spine/Shoulder Dr. Audrey Yap
Elbow and Forearm Dr. Ida Cavaliere
Wrist/Hand Dr. Satyendra Sharma
1000-1015 Transition Break
1015-1145 Clinical Skills
Exam of the Cervical Spine Dr. Kevin Hsu
Exam of the Shoulder Dr. Hossein Hosseini
Exam of the Elbow Dr. Pamela Joseph
Exam of the Wrist and Hand Dr. Jordan Silverman
1145-1245 Lunch
1245-1400 Anatomy Prosections
Lumbar Spine and Lumbar Plexus Dr. Anne Agur, Dr. Lalith Satkunam
Hip & Pelvis Dr. Jaime Yu
Knee Dr. Audrey Yap
Foot & Ankle Dr. Satyendra Sharma
1400-1530 Clinical Skills
Exam of the Lumbar Spine Dr. Peter Broadhurst
Exam of the Hip and Pelvis Dr. Eugene Chang
Exam of the Knee Dr. Shane Journeay
Exam of the Foot and Ankle Dr. Eugene Maida
1530-1600 Transition Break
1600-1700 MSK Radiology Dr. Rakesh Mohankumar

Sun. Mar. 1

0800-1015 Anatomy of the Brain/Brainstem and Cerebellum Dr. Anne Agur, Dr. Lalith Satkunam
Anatomy of the Cerebellum
1015-1030 Transition Break

Neuro Pathways

Dr. Anne Agur, Dr. Lalith Satkunam
1115-1145 Spinal Cord Anatomy Dr. Audrey Yap, Dr. Sivakumar Gulasingam
1145-1245 Lunch
1245-1500 Clinical Skills at Toronto Rehab PT Gym
Language Assessment Dr. David Lipson
Apraxia & Neglect Dr. Chantal Vaidyanath
Cranial Nerves Dr. Heather MacNeill
Mental Status Dr Rebecca Titman
ASIA Dr. Anthony Burns
1500-1530 Walk to TRI Auditorium at 550 University Avenue
1530-1630 Neuroradiology Dr. Roger Smith
1630-1700 Instructions for OSCE Exam


Mon. Mar. 2

Time OSCE - DAY 3
10 th floor indoor & outdoor space at Bridgepoint Hospital
0800-1600 OSCE  
1700-1800 Networking Dinner at the Wellness Office with Wellness Talk Resident Speaker
1800-1830 Hand out OSCE marks
Available to debrief with the attendees
Dr. Gulasingam, Dr. Yap, Dr. Yu, and Dr. Satkunam
1830-2100 Social

Tues. March. 3

Time DAY 4
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Auditorium
550 University Avenue
0815-0830 Introduction Dr. Audrey Yap, Dr. Jaime Yu, and Dr. Lalith Satkunam
0900-0930 Driving Dr. Shawn Marshall
0930-1000 Burn Rehab Dr. Matthew Godleski
1000-1015 Stretch Break
1015-1130 Normal Gait, Gait Analysis and Pathological Gait Dr. Lalith Satkunam
1130-1230 Lunch Break
1230-1345 Prosthesis, Prostheses, or Prosthetics Dr. Nancy Dude
Stretch Break

1400-1500 Orthosis, Orthoses, Orthotics Dr. Nancy Dude
1500-0515 Prostheses & Orthoses Review Dr. Nancy Dude
1515-1530 Stretch Break
1530-1615 Exercise Physiology Dr. Paul Oh
1615-1700 Cardiac Rehabilitation Dr. Paul Oh
  Scavenger Hunt at Bridgepoint Hospital Old Penitentiary hosted by the University of Toronto Residents and offsite unofficial social

Wed, Mar. 4

0800-1000 Concussion Dr. Jessica Trier
Acute ABI, ABI Rehab Dr. Kim Coros   
1000-1015 Stretch Break

SCI - Acute Care and Rehabilitation

Dr. Agnes Chmiel
1115-1200 Neurogenic Bowel and Bladde Dr. Agnes Chmiel
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1345 Wheelchairs and Assistive Devices Dr. Audrey Yap

Heterotopic Ossification, Osteoporosis & Sublesional Osteoporosis

Dr. Cathy Craven
1445-1500 Stretch Break
1500-1600 Ethics Dr. Suzanne Salsman
1600-1630 Wellness -Mindfulness Meditation Rachel Donen

Thurs. Mar. 5

Time DAY 6
0800-0930 Research, Statistics, & Quality Improvement Dr. Meiqi Guo, Dr. Dave Langelier
0930-0945 Stretch Break
0945-1030 Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Dr. Tania Bruno
1030-1130 Neuropsychiatry Dr. Abe Snaiderman
1130-1200 Rehabilitation of Motor Neuron Diseases Dr. Colleen O’Connell
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1330 Respiratory Management of Neuromuscular Disorders Dr. Colleen O’Connell
1330-1400 Sexuality and Disability Dr. Colleen O’Connell
1400-1430 Cancer Rehab Dr. Eugene Chang
1430-1500 Occupational Rehab Dr. Shane Journeay
1500-1515 Stretch Break
1515-1615 Spasticity Dr. Lalith Satkunam
1800 Dinner at a Local Venue

Fri. Mar. 6

0900-1030 Acute Stroke and Stroke Rehab Dr. Florin Feloiu
1030-1045 Stretch Break
1045-1115 Communication Disorders Dr. Kim Coros
1115-1245 Lunch
1245-1345 Orthopaedic Rehab and Plexopathies Dr. Tom Miller
1345-1430 Focal Nerve Entrapment and Radiculopathies Dr. Caitlin Cassidy
1430-1445 Stretch Break
1445-1545 Chronic Pain Overview & Management Dr. Andrea Furlan
1545-1630 Interventional Procedures for Pain Treatment and Sports Injuries Dr. Harpreet Sangha

Sat. Mar. 7

Time DAY 8
0800-0845 Myopathies and Neuromuscular Junction Disorders Dr. Benjamin Ritsma
0845-0945 Generalized Polyneuropathies Dr. Anna McCormick
0945-1000 Break
1000-1200 Developmental Milestones, Scoliosis, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy Dr. Heather MacDonald-Blumer
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1415 Rheumatologic Disorders
1415-1430 Break
1430-1600 Sports Medicine – Upper and Lower Limb Injuries Dr. Ryan Williams
1600-1700 Final Evaluation