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The Canadian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is dedicated to setting the standard of care in physiatry to improve the lives of Canadians. Our mission is to promote the profession, advance professional education, advocate on rehabilitation issues and standards and provide opportunities for scientific advancement and practice development

To achieve this mission, the CAPM&R has an official journal, AJPM&R, holds an Annual Meeting, provides educational resources and training programs, and offers mentorship and networking opportunities for physiatry professionals.  The annual dues form the core of our organization’s financial support and are used to pay for our administration/secretariat, the annual scientific meeting, the  review course and other educational activities, the CAPM&R website, and the awards & contests.


    Your Membership Is Important

    • To grow and mentor the next generation of physiatrists
    • To support the ongoing development of research and education
    • To give physiatrists a voice in policy making

    Member Benefits

    Strengthening the specialty of PM&R and supporting members’ practices and patients, CAPM&R offers a full depth and breadth of benefits designed to help PM&R physicians meet new challenges and build successful careers. If you have questions regarding the benefits of membership or eligibility requirements, please call us at 613-507-0480 or email

    • In-Person Networking: Connecting face-to-face with your peers (both person and over video conferencing) is extremely valuable to your professional development and expanding your network. The Association offers a variety of ways to network in-person:
      • Volunteer your time
      • The Annual Scientific Meeting, an annual conference bringing together the largest gathering of physiatrists in Canada.
      • Canadian Comprehensive Review Course organized bi-annually for PM&R residents. It provides an overview of core topics in the specialty of PM&R for PGY 4 and PGY 5 Canadian PM&R residents.
    • Special Interest Groups (SIG): Offer opportunities for collaboration, contributions of expertise and interaction with other physiatrists in a particular area of interest by e-mail or in person at the CAPM&R Annual Scientific Meeting. There are 10 SIGs and you may join as many Groups that interest you.

    Section 1 Credits: The CAPM&R annual meeting features a multi-disciplinary scientific program, renowned guest speakers, an extensive two-day trade show and a great social program. It is a unique opportunity to update your skills and knowledge and to network with Healthcare professionals and students with a focus on physical medicine and rehabilitation. The Annual General Meetings for CAPM&R and CPRDF will be held during this meeting.

    • Poster Presentations: Each year during the Annual Scientific Meeting, members have the opportunity to present their research findings to attendees in the Poster Hall. All selected abstracts are also published and distributed in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.
    • Paper of the Year: Each year during the Annual Scientific Meeting, the winner of the “Paper of the Year” Award is expected to speak on the topic of his/her paper at the CAPM&R Annual Meeting. The paper must have been published in the calendar year preceding the CAPM&R meeting and published in a peer-reviewed Journal. Content of the paper can be original research, reviews, meta-analysis or other publications.
    • Awards & Contests: Several awards to recognize leaders in research and education in the field of PM&R
    • Fellowship Program Information: The CAPM&R is providing this information to the membership as a member benefit. Note that the CAPM&R is not responsible for the information nor the application process. This page is simply a resource. Any questions regarding the Fellowship programs should be directed to the institution and not the association.
    • Careers In Physiatry: Website page dedicated to help connect physiatrists to their dream jobs.
    • Medical Student Committee: Offerings to help medical students to learn about PM&R, connect with resident mentors, and learn more about the programs across Canada.
    News & Information
    • This website is continually updated with the latest in news and resources, so that you have a go-to resource 24/7.
    • Policies & Bylaws: Members have access to policies and bylaws that have been developed to support the activities of the association.
    ISPRM: Benefits of an Individual Active Member
    • Entitled to vote in the Assembly of Individual Members for representatives to the Assembly of Delegates (AoD) who will have the right to vote;
    • Eligible to be elected or appointed to any position in the President’s Cabinet and Executive Committee;
    • Receive and contribute to the ISPRM electronic monthly newsletter ”News and Views” (Read more);
    • Eligible to a reduced registration fee for the ISPRM World Congresses and Endorsed Conferences;
    • Access to rich educational materials, professional forum and special-interest groups through the members-only sections of the ISPRM website (Log in):
    • Free access to the electronic version of the Journal of the ISPRM (Read more);
    • A free electronic copy of the Scope Book of PRM published in 2019 that defines the scope of the specialty (here);
    • Free access to the following journals (Log in here):
      • European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (EJPRM)
      • Annals of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (France)
      • Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine (South Korea)
      • Acta Fisiátrica (Brazil)
      • Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine
      • Portuguese Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PJPRM)
      • Rehab in Review (USA)
    • Official membership certificate;
    • Access to an online networking platform: Join Groups and Forums to discuss various topics and connect with an international community of PRM professionals (Read more);
    • Receive invitations to attend ISPRM webinars (Read more).


    OrthoEvidence (OE)

    CAPM&R members receive complementary access to OrthoEvidence (OE) which is the global online source for high quality and timely orthopaedic-only evidence-based summaries, pre-appraised by orthopaedic medical experts.
    Members will get instant access to OE Original Content including:

    • Advanced Clinical Evidence (ACE) Reports,
    • OE Original content blogs,
    • OrthoPod podcasts,
    • OE Polls, and much more!

    Subscription is free with membership – click HERE to access the link in the member area of the CAPMR website.

    American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (AJPM&R)

    The AAP, the leading academic physiatry society in the world, has teamed up with the CAPM&R, the professional society for physiatrists in Canada, to make the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (AJPM&R) the official journal of CAPM&R.  Learn more about our new partnership.​

    Thank You

    CAPM&R provides and maintains a national professional forum and network for the exchange of information and opinion. As a member, your contributions are important to the Association. Therefore, please feel free to contact the CAPM&R office if you have any questions, have suggestions, or become aware of an issue that you believe should be addressed by the Association. 

    We do count on and appreciate your support, every year, so that the we can maintain our vision, mission and goals.  Thank you for renewing your support to the CAPM&R; The national leader in setting the standard of care in physiatry to improve the lives of Canadians. We look forward to your active participation in the affairs of the CAPM&R.

    Categories & Dues

    CAPM&R members consist of physicians and non-physicians in the specialty of PM&R, such as MD, PhD or equivalent, who hold a university appointment or are involved in physiatric medicine or research. Many health professionals, including program coordinators and administrative directors in PM&R departments, and students interested in PM&R also find a community here at the CAPM&R.

    Now is the time to show your support for CAPM&R more than ever.  Your investment in the association will keep us solvent, will enable continued delivery of high-quality programs and maintain the longevity of the organization.



    There are many ways to renew:

    1. We can invoice you for online payment
    2. We can invoice you for cheque payment
    3. You can call with your credit card information.
    4. You can renew in the member area of the CAPMR website.
    5. Send an etransfer to PW: Robinson123
    6. Send a paypal payment to PW: Robinson123
    7. Complete this online form to make any changes to your membership:

     We do count on and appreciate your support, every year, so that the we can maintain our vision, mission and goals.  Thank you for renewing your support to the CAPM&R; The national leader in setting the standard of care in physiatry to improve the lives of Canadians.