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Did you know that the last increase for member dues was prior to 2005?  These membership dues form the core our organization’s financial support and are used to pay for our administration/secretariat, the annual scientific meeting, the Canadian Comprehensive Review Course and other educational activities, the website, awards & contests, and the management of the Canadian Physiatrists Research and Development Foundation (CPRDF).

We do count on and appreciate your support, every year, so that the we can maintain our vision, mission and goals.  Thank you for renewing your support to the CAPM&R; the national leader in setting the standard of care in physiatry to improve the lives of Canadians.

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Membership in the CAPMR is open to healthcare professionals and students with a focus on physical medicine and rehabilitation.  Members must renew annually and pay dues in order to maintain good standing.

CRITERIA FOR MEMBERSHIP CAPM&R offers the following membership categories:

  • Active 1
  • Associate 2
  • Corresponding 3
  • Resident 4
  • Medical Student 5
  • Retired 6

1 Active Members Specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation certified by The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, or similar board certification, with a license to practice in Canada may become active members.  Active Members shall be entitled to attend, take part in and vote at all meetings of the Corporation, may be Officers and may sit on the various committees.

2 Associate Physicians qualified to practice in Canada who are not certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation but have a significant clinical or research involvement in PM&R may apply as an Associate. This may include specialists in rheumatology, neurosciences, pediatrics, orthopedics as well as physicians employed by Workers’ Compensation Boards and family physicians. Associates may attend meetings and participate in discussions but cannot vote or be Officers.

3 Corresponding Specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation residing outside Canada may join as Corresponding. Corresponding may attend meetings and participate in discussions, but cannot vote. They may be members of standing committees but may not chair such committees. They may not be Officers.

4 Resident Resident-in-training in approved Canadian residency programs in physical medicine and rehabilitation may apply as a  Resident. A Resident may attend meetings and participate in discussions but cannot vote or hold executive office. They can participate on committees of the Corporation as non-voting members.

5 Medical Student Medical students interested in physical medicine and rehabilitation may join as a Medical Student.  A Medical Student may attend meetings and participate in discussions, but cannot  vote or be Officers. REQUIRED: Students must include a note from their graduate advisor or departmental chair that attests to their enrollment in a graduate program.

6 Retired Members Active or Corresponding Members who have retired from active medical practice may apply as Retired. They shall continue to have all the rights and privileges associated with their previous membership category, but may not hold be Officers.

International Medical Graduates

If you are an international medical graduate, please consult with the Medical Council of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to understand your eligibility to practice in Canada and your options. An additional resource, features province and territory-specific information.