We are pleased to announce 2016 CAPMR contest results.

Oral Presentation Contests: The following recipients will present an oral presentation, of their abstract, during the CAPM&R 64th Annual Scientific Meeting on Saturday, May 28, 2016. Please join us in congratulating them during their oral presentation in London.

Contest Award Time Name Organization Oral Presentation Title
Resident Research Contest  1st 0830-0845 Arezo Azadi  University of Manitoba, Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, MB  The Efficacy of Botulinum Toxin Type A in The Treatment of Allodynic-Type Neuropathic Pain In People With Spinal Cord Injury 
Resident Research Contest  2nd 0820-0830 Alto Lo University of Alberta What is this Person’s True MoCa Score? A comparison between Cantonese and English MoCA scores in Canadian bilingual Cantonese/English speakers 
Resident Research Contest 3rd 0810-0820 Ranita Manocha Western University Effectiveness of Bracing in Elbow Lateral Collateral Ligament Injuries: A Biomechanical Study 
Case Report 1st 0851-0857 Thomas Miller St Josephs Health Care Surgical Management in The Spastic Upper Extremity Post Stroke and The Integration of Rehabilitation to Maximize Outcome. A Case Series 
Case Report  2nd 0845-0851 Julio Furlan Lyndhurst Centre, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network and University of Toronto   Tardy Recognition of Episodes of Autonomic Dysreflexia: Experiences Demanding More Effective Knowledge Translation  
Education 1st 0903-0909 George Deng University of Manitoba Patient-Centered Technique for Ultrasound Guided Muscle Injections in The Forearm of Patients with Severe Spasticityn
Education 2nd 0857-0903 Lila Rudachyk University of Saskatchewan   Introducing Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Skills into A Medical School Curriculum: A Quantitative Analysis of Hands-On Experiential Learning About Disability  
Original Research 1st 0945-1000 Shannon Roberts University of Toronto, Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery   A Cadaveric Study of the Effectiveness and Safety of Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Carpal Tunnel Release  
Original Research 2nd 0930-0945 T. Mark Campbell University of Ottawa   Articular Changes in Weight-Bearing Immobilized Knees  
Original Research 3rd 0915-0930 Eldon Loh Parkwood Institute   Ultrasound-Guided Diagnostic Block and Radiofrequency Ablation Technique for Sacro-Iliac Joint Complex Pain: A Cadaveric and Subsequent Prospective Cohort Study of Effectiveness 
Systematic Reviews 1st 1050-1100 McKyla McIntyre University of Toronto - Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blockade with Local Anesthetic for Prevention of Phantom Limb Pain in Adult Postoperative Amputee Patients.
Systematic Reviews 2nd 1040-1050 Rebecca Titman University of Toronto - Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation How Do You Feel? A Review of Mood Disorder Screening Tools Appropriate for Use During Inpatient Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
Systematic Reviews 3rd 1030-1040 Jordan Silverman University of Toronto - Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation   Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Improves Prosthetic Performance in Upper Extremity Amputees: A Review of Cases in The Literature  
Paper of the Year 1st 1120-1140 Sean Dukelow University of Calgary  Examining Difference in Patterns of Sensory and Motor Recovery After Stroke with Robotics 
Paper of the Year 2nd 1000-1015 Ming Chan University of Alberta Electrical Stimulation Enhances Sensory Recovery: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Paper of the Year 3rd 1100-1120 Mark Bayley Toronto Rehab Institute Does Hospital Ischemic Stroke Volume Relate to Clinical Outcomes in The Ontario Stroke System?
Resident Essay Contest 1st 1140-1200 Adam Kassam University of Toronto  What’s in A Name? A Historical and Geographical Perspective On Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Nomenclature, And Why It Matters. 

Medical Student Essay and Medical Student Research Contests: ($500 and a certificate. An abstract of the winning submission will be published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.)

Contest Award Name Organization Oral Presentation Title
Medical Student Research Contest 1st Peter Chehade Ontario Medical Association   Return to Sport and Work Following Nerve Injuries in the Proximal Arm and Shoulder 
Medical Student Essay Contest 1st Andrew Round Autonomic Dysfunction Laboratory/ICORD   An Evaluation of the International Standards to Document Remaining Autonomic Function After Spinal Cord Injury (ISAFSCI): Input from the International SCI Community 

Honorable Mentions:

Contest Name Organization Oral Presentation Title
CAPMR Annual Conference - Original research Farhad Adelmanesh Firoozgar Hospital, Iran University of Medical Sciences Prevalence of Possible Other Pain Sources in Patients with Radicular Low Back Pain
CAPMR Annual Conference - Original research T Mark Campbell University of Ottawa   Isolation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from The Humeral Footprint in Patients Undergoing Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair  
CAPMR Annual Conference - Case reports Katherine Knox University of Saskatchewan  Atypical Cause for Neuropathic Pain in a Person with a Chronic Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury  
CAPMR Annual Conference - Original research Tracy Mah  University of Calgary   Robotic Assessment of the Impact of Historical Sports Concussion On Sensorimotor Performance 
Resident Research Contest - Original research Alan Tam  University of Toronto The Impact of Medical Comorbidities On Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Outcomes 
CAPMR Annual Conference - Reviews Michael Payne   Parkwood Institute Lower Limb Amputee Rehabilitation in The Oldest Old: A Scoping Review  
Paper of the Year - Reviews Lawrence Robinson Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre   How Electrodiagnosis Predicts Clinical Outcome of Focal Peripheral Nerve Lesions