The Meridith Marks Award for Excellence in Education was developed by the Canadian Physiatrists Research and Development Foundation (CPRDF) and Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (CAPM&R) to recognize excellence in education among physiatrists.

The Award is named in honour of Dr. Meridith Marks to acknowledge her significant contributions to medical education in Canada.

Dr. Marks’ clinical practice at the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre focuses on amputee rehabilitation. In this environment, she provided clinical education and supervision for medical students and physicians training to be specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R).

She was an internationally recognized lecturer and facilitator on topics related to rehabilitation medicine, teaching skills development and leadership. Meridith was the Assistant Dean in the Faculty of Medicine, Academy for Innovation in Medical Education (AIME) at the University of Ottawa, and was responsible for promoting scholarship and innovation in medical education.

Nomination Deadline: February 1

Eligibility Criteria
The nominee must be a CAPM&R member in good standing and have demonstrated a contribution to:

  1. Education within CAPM&R.
  2. PM&R education at a local and national level.
  3. Medical education outside of PM&R (e.g. involvement in medical education activities such as undergraduate medical student teaching and faculty development at their local institution outside of their division/department of PM&R).

The application must include:  

  1. Letter of nomination by a CAPM&R member
  2. Letter of support (can be a CAPM&R member or non-member)
  3. Letter of support from a former or current medical student or resident
  4. Applicant’s CV (max. 10 page) focusing on education
  5. Applicant’s teaching dossier

Selection process

  1. The nominees will be reviewed by the CAPM&R Executive Committee and the award recipient will be chosen based on the criteria listed above.
  2. There is a maximum of one award recipient per year (The award may not necessarily be given out every year.)

Entitlements & Expectations

  1. Recipient will be announced at the CAPM&R Annual Scientific Meeting and be presented with a plaque.
  2. Recipient will be invited to give a 30-minute (MOC Section 1) presentation at the annual meeting (topic relevant to medical education).
  3. Conference registration, travel and hotel costs (meals are provided at the conference) will be covered by the CAPM&R (restrictions apply).

  Apply here.

Letter of Nomination
Include the following in the letter of nomination: (1000 words)

  1. How has the nominee contributed to medical education, both within the field of PMR and beyond?
  2. What has been the impact of the nominees work in medical education?
  3. What educational innovations has the nominee been involved with?
  4. How has the nominee demonstrated leadership and scholarship in education?

Letter of Support from a Peer
Indicate the following in the letter of support: (500 words)

Letter of Support from Learner
Indicate the following in the letter of support: (500 words)