Date: April 20, 2021

Rationale and Purpose

The purpose of the Pediatric SIG is to promote the most effective and evidence- based treatment for children with PMR needs.

The goal of the Pediatric SIG is to disseminate updates and new information and treatment, to promote improved practices, to disseminate research by members, and to promote a quality improvement approach to care which will ultimately improve patient outcomes.

This includes:

  • Increasing educational opportunities to determine enablers and barriers in practice of pediatric rehabilitation across Canada.
  • Awareness of national opportunities to practice pediatric physiatry in academic and community settings.
  • Dissemination on the role of developmental milestones and the impact from: physical barriers (such as adaptive playgrounds), IEP and evaluation of costs in paediatric (as they transition to adulthood)
  • Offering a database of relevant articles and exciting advances in the field
  • Exploring if transitions to adults works differently in different regions and why
  • Promotion of education of physiatrists, both in training and in practice, in the specialty so they are comfortable dealing with children with physical needs
  • Explore creation of fellowships with partners in developmental Medicine Orthopedist and Neurologist/ neurosurgeon

Structure and Working Plan

  • There will be a SIG Chair chosen by its members.
  • The SIG will develop at least one educational offering per year which may be accompanied by a business meeting.
  • Each SIG will provide a brief report of its workover the year to be included with the annual meeting information.
  • Have a representative on relevant RCPSC task force(s) to have a voice in what is needed to succeed as a PMR specialist dealing with children