Pain SIG

Rationale and Purpose

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs offer the most effective and evidence-based treatment for persons with chronic pain (Gatchel & Okifuji 2006). Research has shown that multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs are the best way to pursue the various outcome measures in Pain Medicine. The goal of pain management is not only the reduction of pain level but also the increase in function, the improvement of quality of life and the return to work.

Chair: Dinesh Kumbhare


  1. Increase awareness of the role of rehabilitation in management of chronic pain
  2. Increase awareness of the need to produce proper outcome measures in pain medicine
  3. Increase awareness on the vocational rehabilitation (rehabilitation programs designed to address the return to work issues) for the individual with chronic pain
  4. Establish a patient education center on rehabilitation issues
  5. Set up refresher courses on rehabilitation for chronic pain patients.

 Structure and working plan

  1. The SIG will operate in accordance with the Mission and Bylaws of the SIG
  2. There will be SIG chair.
  3. There will be an executive committee with members representing all health professionals involved in the rehabilitation of people with chronic pain (e.g. rehabilitation physician, physiotherapist, occupation therapist, kinesiologist etc). 
  4. An inaugural meeting of the SIG will be organized and their chairs and the committee members will be decided at the meeting.
  5. The SIG objectives and action plans will be presented for approval and adopted at that meeting.