Date: February 12, 2021

Rationale and Purpose

The purpose of the Education SIG to discuss and share experience regarding evidence based medical education initiatives and learning techniques to improve the educational experience of our learners (medical students and residents) given the varied contexts of our unique environments. The Goal of the SIG is to disseminate updates and new information regarding educational initiatives, support and promote best practices, to disseminate research by members, and to promote a quality improvement approach to education.

The Education SIG and committee members also have the goal of providing information to CAPM&R members regarding changes to residency and CPD training requirements, review the potential impact of these changes in clinical practice and explore evidenced based tools and educational strategies to meet these challenges as future educators.

These goals are realized by:

  1. Discussion of education and training changes and strategies with the membership due to increased presence in larger conference presentations as well as SIG discussions.
  2. Increase awareness of the changes in education theory and the impact on learner outcomes
  3. Support changes in resident training as described by the Royal College and provide the membership an opportunity to learn about these changes and the evidence in support of these.
  4. Increase awareness of education research and the potential impact in how we interact with and educate our learners.
  5. Promote the education of residents and practitioners in PM&R.

Structure and Working Plan

  1. There will be a SIG Chair chosen by its members
  2. The SIG will develop at least one educational offering per year which may be accompanied by a business meeting.
  3. The SIG will provide a brief report of its work over the year to be included with the annual meeting information.